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NEPSI's actiVARs are custom designed for power systems requiring near instantaneous var support to mitigate voltage sags, voltage flicker, and high inrush currents associated with starting large synchronous and induction motors accross-the-line. With no need for complex synch bypass switchgear and E-House space, the actiVAR is a cost effective and preferred alternative to VFD/ASD drive starters.

Hybrid designs are available that include NEPSI’s well known and reliable mechanically switched capacitor banks and harmonic filters to economically increase the benefits of this product to include power factor correction and harmonic distortion attenuation.

ABB's DS1M transient free switching technolgy is used in the actiVAR to provide “fast vars” for voltage sag and flicker mitigation while standard capacitor switching technologies are utilized to provide “slow vars” for harmonic distortion attenuation and power factor correction.

The actiVAR uses off-the-shelf custom programmed relays, standard shunt power capacitor components, and NEPSI well-known design, application, and manufacturing capability to bring you an easy to maintain motor starting technology at half the price of alternate technologies. This solution is most cost effective for 15kV class motors with horse powers in the range of 3000HP to 30,000HP.

The actiVAR is available in voltages from 2.4kV through 13.8kV, with MVAR ratings from 0.5 MVAR to 100 MVAR. The actiVAR is designed for placement in outdoor or indoor substations and come fully assembled, tested, and ready for interconnection.



With high-speed relaying and 100% reliable transient free switching technology, the actiVAR mitigates voltage sag and voltage flicker, allowing large motors to start accross-the-line using simple motor starters. Say goodbye to complex VFD drives, synch bypass switchgear, their required E-House space, and all the complexities associated with this technology.

The following table summarzies the many features and benefits of applying the actiVAR to your system.




Provides near instantaneous mitigation of voltage sags and voltage flicker, resulting from large motor starting.

Near perfect voltage sag mitigation meeting voltage sag and voltage flicker requirements at your point of common coupling (PCC).

Valve Design

Transient Free Operation, eliminating adverse effects of switching transients.

Hybrid Designs For PF Correction
& Harmonic Filtering

Corrects plant power factor, reducing KVA and power factor penalties, increasing system capacity, while improving your voltage profile.

Reduces plant voltage and current distortion. Designed for compliance with IEEE 519 harmonic distortion limits.

Metal-Enclosed Design

All-Inclusive Design - Equipped with integral disconnecting device, protection, and control.

Comes fully assembled, calibrated, tested, and ready for interconnection.

Enclosure protects key components from wildlife and atmospheric contaminants.

Small footprint

Easy to maintain

Designed and built by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a proven track record of quality and performance.

Safety - Enclosure prevents inadvertent contact.

Key Interlock System

Safety and proper sequence of operation


Easy to purchase, startup, commission, and maintain.

Fully integrated design


NEPSI's actiVAR is rated and configured to meet customer requirements for voltage, basic insulation level (BIL), available short circuit current, reactive power rating, and frequency. Internal components such as disconnect and grounding switches, circuit breakers, capacitors, capacitor switches, DS1M switches, and capacitor fuses are chosen based on their ratings, costs, availability, and NEPSI's experience with the supplier's quality, service, and reliability.



Bank Configuration:DS1M Switched: Single Step/Multiple Step
Hybrid Design: DS1M & static switched
Filter Types When Required: Notch (Band-Pass), High-Pass, C-High-Pass, Multi-Tuned, Notch, and De-Tuned
Operating Voltage (line-to-line): 2.4kV – 24.9kV
Operating Frequency: 50 Hertz | 60 Hertz
Reactive power output: 0.5MVAR – 100 MVAR
(500kvar – 100,000 kvar)
Tune frequency (Hz) 85 Hz 2100 Hz
(1.4th Harmonic – 35th harmonic)
High-Pass (damping) resistor rating: 1 ohm to 1000 ohms
10kW/Phase - 200kW/Phase
Short circuit
(asymmetrical momentary):
16kA - 61kA
Impulse withstand voltage
(Basic Insulation Level):
60kV – 110 KV
Short-time withstand voltage
(1 minute 50/60 Hertz):
19kV – 38kV
Control voltages: AC Volts: 110, 115,120, 220, 50/60hz
DC Volts: 24, 48, 110, 125, 220
Operating temperature range: -50°C to +55°C
-58°F to 131°F with supplemental heating/cooling
Maximum altitude without de-rating: 1,000 Meters
3,300 Feet
Enclosure: (NEMA): 1, 3R, 4X, 12
(IEC): IP10, IP14, IP56, IP52
Arc Flash Mitigation: Passive & Active
Hazardous Locations: NEC Class 1 & 2, Div. II
Seismic: As specified - Zone 4
Capacitor fusing: Internally fused | Externally fused
Performance Standards: SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International), F47-0706, F49-0200, and F50-0200s

CBEMA (Computer and Business Electronic Manufacturers Association), curve referenced in ANSI/IEEE Std. 446-1987

ITIC (Information Technology Industries Council) tolerance curve

IEEE Standard 1346-1998, Recommended Practice for Evaluating Electric Power Systems Compatibility with Electronic Process Equipment

IEEE 1250-1995, Guide for Service to Equipment Sensitive to Momentary Voltage Disturbances.

IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34, (International Electrotechnical Commission)

IEEE Std. 1453, Table A.1, Recommended Practice for Measurement and Limits of Voltage Flucations and Associated Light Flicker on AC Power Systems

IEEE 519, Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems


NEPSI's actiVAR is custom designed, configured, and rated to mitigate voltage sags, flicker, harmonic distortion, and power factor associated with large accross-the-line motor starting. Depending upon the performance objectives of the equipment, the actiVAR may come with one or more conventionally switched shunt capacitor stages or harmonic filter stages. Conventionally switched stages that use standard capacitor switches are less costly, provide "slow vars" for power factor correction and harmonic filtering (when required). ABB's DS1M switched stages, the key component of the actiVAR, provide "fast vars" to mitigate voltage sags and voltage flicker.

The physical arrangement of the actiVAR, including component layout, incoming compartment configuration, filter type (if required), and tuning point are customized to meet site specific constraints and requirements.

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