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NEPSI's medium voltage metal-enclosed harmonic filter banks utilize single-phase and/or three-phase iron-core reactors. They are tuned as required for the application, typically between the 3rd harmonic (i.e. 180 Hertz) and the 25th harmonic. In systems with complex system impedance profiles, or systems with large harmonic producing devices, the reactors tune the capacitor bank to a number of different frequencies to maximize filter performance.

The reactors are dry-type, indoor, and series connected with the capacitor bank.

Windings are manufactured from Copper or Aluminum Magnet Wire, as required to reduce eddy current heating and minimize cost.

Inductance is chosen based on filter tuning point, capacitor bank rating, and the requirements for the application. Cores are constructed from high-grade magnetic steel laminations.

The reactor current ratings and design are based on the following considerations:

  1. The reactor core will not saturate for currents less than 250% of the fundamental current rating of the filter bank or filter bank stage.
  2. Peak flux density of the core shall be less than 1.2 – 1.4 Tesla assuming all harmonic current peaks are 100% coincident (Core design shall not be based on RMS current rating of reactor).
  3. The following minimum current spectrum in amps are utilized in the abscence of harmomic data:
    1. I1 = 1.21 x Fundamental Current Rating of the Stage (for multi-stage banks) or Bank at the Nominal System Voltage.
    2. ITuned Frequency = 0.5x Fundamental Current Rating of the stage (for multi-stage banks) or Bank at the Nominal System Voltage

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