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The NEPSI staff is glad to offer a variety of technical documents to help assist you in the decision making process. We hope that the following list of documents answer any initial questions that you may have regarding your power needs and how our products can help meet those needs. As always, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you find that you have any additional questions which were not addressed within.

Altitude Derating of Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks
actiVAR Performance in Motor Starting
Actual vs Installed Kvar
An Alternative to Neutral Unbalance Protection
Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation in Metal-Enclosed Power Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filter Banks
Cable Selection
Capacitor Bank Switching Transients
Checking for Failed Capacitors
CT Lead Lengths
Delta vs Wye Connected Banks
Fallacy of the Cost per kvar Model
Filter Bank Tuning
Fuse Selection
Grading Capacitor Requirements
Grounded vs Ungrounded
Harmonic Filter Protection
Iron Core vs Air Core Reactors
Medium vs Low Voltage Filter Banks
Mixing Banks - Why You Shouldn't
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) for NEPSI’s Metal-Enclosed Solutions
MTBF (Tiempo Medio Entre Fallas) y MTTR (Tiempo Medio Para Reparar) para Soluciones Metal-Enclosed NEPSI
Neutral Voltage Unbalance Protection
Power Factor Benefits
Power Factor Control Input Signals
Pros & Cons of Different Banks
Redundant Power Systems: Main-Tie-Main
Rigging and Lifting Equipment
SCADA Controlled Banks
Self-Excitation Concerns
Specifying Bus Bar Connections
Step & Stage Sizes
Termination Clearance

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