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NEPSI is pleased to provide the following spreadsheet tools.

The tools use Excel 2014 and are provided for various applications typically encountered in the design and application of harmonic filters.
Check back from time-to-time for additional tools that will be made available on an ongoing basis!



Shunt Reactor and Transformer Switching Overvoltage Calculation Calculates transient recover voltage (TRV) and rate of rise of recovery voltage (RRRV) associated with shunt reactor and transformer switching. Download
Harmonic Filter Design Calculates harmonic filter parameters. Filter types include: C-High-Pass (damped), Standard High-Pass, and Notch Tuned (Delta and Wye Connected) filters. Download
actiVARTM Motor Start Calculator Computes the expected performance of NEPSI's actiVARTM in reducing voltage sags associated with starting large motors. Download
Harmonic Filter Reactor and Resistor Benshaw Overload Relay Settings Sheet Provides recommended overload relay settings for Benshaw's Digital Overload Relay when applied on Harmonic Filter Resistors and Harmonic Filter Reactors. Download
Neutral Voltage and Neutral Current Relay Settings Sheet for Blown Fuse Detection Provides recommended neutral relay settings for single-wye and split-wye capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks with only 1 series capacitor per phase. Download
Short-Time Current Rating of Conductor Provides calculation methods for estimating required conductor/cable ampacity for intermittent loads. Additionally a spread sheet tool is provided to estimate temperature rise associated with short circuit current flow through cable/conductor. Download
Solid-State Reduced Voltage Soft Start Harmonic Currents Estimates current harmonics produced by solid state reduced voltage soft starters using phase angle control. Download
RVSS & actiVAR + RVSS Performance Calculations Computes the initial torque and voltage sag performance of RVSS and actiVAR + RVSS in the starting of large induction and synchronous motors. Download
Outrush Current Calculation Calculates peak outrush current and frequency associated with medium voltage power capacitor banks and close in faults. This tool can be used to determine the requirement for and inductance of outrush reactors. Download
Peak Inrush Current from Capacitor Bank Switching Calculates peak inrush current and frequency associated with fixed and multi-stage capacitor banks. The spreadsheet helps to determine the suitability of the switching device (e.g. breaker or capacitor switch) and the required transient inrush reactor inductance for the application in accordance with IEEE and ANSI standards. Download

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