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NEPSI is pleased to provide the following videos to you.

These videos are provided to help you complete simple tasks associated with the maintenance of NEPSI equipment. We continue to create new videos and post them here. Alternatively, you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on new content.




The Simplicity of Installing Metal-Enclosed Harmonic Filter Systems Watch for yourself the ease and simplicity of installing a NEPSI medium-voltage, metal-enclosed, C-HP (C-High-Pass) harmonic filter. These systems, which are designed and applied across many industries (including mining concentrate plants, chemical, renewables, general industrial, oil and gas processing, and more), install in less time, require a fraction of the foot-print, and come fully integrated, tested, and ready for interconnection.
Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation NEPSI showcases ABB’s ultra-fast earthing switch (UFES) in its medium voltage metal-enclosed harmonic filter banks. The ABB UFES switch is just one of many ways that NEPSI mitigates arc flash hazards and associated equipment damage from internal arcing faults.
Transient Free Switching Technology A General overview and description of NEPSI's implementation of the ABB’s DS1 transient free switching technology, its operating principles and advantages when compared to alternate technologies.




Setting Up a Nokian NC12 Power Factor Controller How to setup and commission a Nokian NC12 Power Factor Controller, as demonstrated by NEPSI field service engineer Mark Howson.
Correcting Phase Rotation Issues Using an NC12 Controller NEPSI demonstrates the process of using a Nokian NC12 Power Factor Controller to check for and correct phase rotation issues.
Changing Target Power Factor Using an NC12 Controller A walkthrough of the process of changing your target power factor, utilizing your NC12 Power Factor Controller.
Adjusting SIBA Microswitch Assembly How to adjust Blown Fuse Microswitch Assembly in NEPSI's Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks and Filter Banks
Air Filter Replacement Video procedure demonstrating how to change air filters on NEPSI’s metal-enclosed equipment.
Aux Relay Replacement How to replace an "auxiliary" relay or general purpose relay in NEPSI's equipment.
Blown Fuse Indication System Background information on how SIBA microswitch and pushrod provides blown fuse indication on NEPSI's Thyristor Switched (actiVAR) and conventionally switched Metal Enclosed Power Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filter Banks.
Capacitance Measurement Video on testing capacitance of capacitors installed in NEPSI’s medium-voltage metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks.
Capacitor Removal Procedure Video on how to safely and poroperly remove capacitor units which are used NEPSI's Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filter Systems.
Chain Adjustment on ABB Disconnect Switches That Do Not Operate Correctly This instruction video shows how to adjust the chains when the ABB disconnect switched do not open or close.
Dayton Fan Motor Start & Run Capacitor Replacement Video on how to replace motor start and run capacitor in Dayton exhaust fan normally used NEPSI's Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filter Systems.
Fuse Replacement Shutdown, switching, entry, and fuse replacement procedure
Removing the solenoid from a Kirk Key interlock assembly A demonstration of how to remove a Kirk Key assembly from your swing panel and remove the solenoid.
Roller Pawl Adjustment Center door latch roller pawl adjustment.
Siemens LOGO Program Change Video showing the procedure for uploading new logic into Siemens LOGO from an SD Card.
Window Installation Installation of Lexan Windows using single part window gasket. Window is being installed on a 11ga sheet metal door located on a medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor bank manufactured by NEPSI.
Flipping the SS Contact Maker on a Kirk Key Kirk Key Interlocks equipped with a contact maker come standard as a back-panel mounted key interlock. Unless ordered from the factory with a note stating "for through-panel mounting", the contact maker will need to be rotated.

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