The Most Trusted Name in Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering


NORTHEAST POWER SYSTEMS, INC. (NEPSI) was established and incorporated in February 1995 and has seen steady growth through 2013. NEPSI started private labeling its products and services in 1999 to several large equipment suppliers and manufacturers, including the General Electric Company. NEPSI acquired market share from existing competitors by providing better service, competitive pricing, higher value, and technical innovation. At the same time, NEPSI increased the size of the "metal-enclosed" market by introducing companies and specifying engineers to the economic advantages of using metal-enclosed equipment compared to conventional technology (elevated stack-rack equipment). Metal-enclosed equipment is the more economic choice, as this equipment is a pre-packaged totally engineered solution requiring less engineering, labor, maintenance, footprint area, and ultimately lower total cost of ownership.

NEPSI has increased its manufacturing capability several times since its inception in 1995. In 1999 NEPSI moved its home base from Albany, NY to a brand new site in Queensbury, NY. Over the next two years, NEPSI more than doubled its manufacturing area and became vertically integrated by adding metal fabrication equipment and a down-draft paint booth that allowed for even higher production capacity and control over the metal-enclosures, a key component to NEPSI's product offering. In 2011, meeting increasing demand for product and to accommodate larger complex filter systems, NEPSI expanded the Queensbury facility and again doubled its manufacturing capacity.

NEPSI's product offering has evolved since its inception. Beginning with smaller systems and including low voltage power factor correction, NEPSI now offers a more focused product line of large medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor bank and harmonic filter systems. These larger systems require high reliability, integrated protection, control, and communication systems and are often applied in challenging environments and remote locations.

NEPSI's capacitor and harmonic filter bank control and protection systems have become increasingly sophisticated and are now offered with multiple automation and control strategies, architectures, and solutions for every application size and complexity. Our systems can be integrated with DCS systems applied on large complex and geographically distributed industrial processes, to smaller applications requiring simple PLC controllers. No matter how big or small, our control and protection systems are designed, built, and tailored to the requirements of every process and facility.

NEPSI continues to improve its products, processes, and operating systems to meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction, while meeting the complex business specifications and maintaining a safe and responsible work environment. To this end, in 2012 NEPSI sought and was certified to ISO 9001:2008-QMS standard for quality management systems.

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