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The capacitors (unless they are internally fused) in NEPSI's Metal-Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks are individually fused to protect against case rupture and to provide capacitor isolation due to dielectric and non-dielectric capacitor faults. In addition to case rupture concerns, fuses are sized to withstand transient inrush currents associated with back-to-back filter bank switching.

Fuses are clip mounted to ease installation, replacement, and testing. Blown fuse indicators (striker pin) are visible through the enclosure window, when windows are provided. The SIBA Fuse striker pin activates for fuse operation (from faults) and fuse over-temperature due to fuse damage or overload.

The fuses can be supplied with an optional micro switch that allows for supervision of the fuse by means of a flexible non-conductive Bowden cable. During fuse operation, the fuse striker pin transmits mechanical force through the Bowden cable to the micro switch. The micro switch may wired to communicate the fuse operation to the control and protection system or remotely to initiate shutdown and/or service.

Consequently the fuse will provide true full-range protection when supplied with the micro switch, Bowden cable, and integrated with the bank’s protection and control system.

For the reasons stated above, NEPSI recommends SIBA current limiting fuses. These fuses are the world’s most advance, reliable, and in-stock fuses for capacitor protection. There is no alternative that matches their performance.

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2.4 - 7.2kV 6.3 - 355A 50 - 63kA SIBA
7.2 - 15kV 6.3 - 160A 63kA SIBA
15 - 23kV 6.3 - 63A 31.5kA SIBA
23 - 25kV 6.3 - 125A 63kA SIBA
25 - 34.5kV 6.3 - 63A 40kA SIBA

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