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NEPSI Delivers actiVAR to Colonial Pipeline Company

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Friday July 11, 2014

John Steciuk, automation engineer at NEPSI, announced yesterday the delivery of a 4.16kV, 4-Stage, 24 MVAR actiVAR to assist in across-the-line starting of two 5000 HP Induction Motors at Colonial's Boothwyn, PA facility.

NEPSI, Eaton, and T-Star Engineering participated in the project that commenced in May, 2013. NEPSI and Eaton conducted dynamic and transient motor start studies and determined that conventionally switched capacitor banks using medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers would have neither the speed nor the performance to meet PECO's (Philadelphia Electric Company) voltage sag and power quality requirements.

The actiVAR, which uses T-Star Engineering valves and controls to perform cycle-by-cycle capacitor bank switching, was determined to be the best and most cost effective solution to meet PECO's power quality standards. NEPSI's actiVAR proved to be more cost effective than other motor start options that include VSD and other soft start technologies.

Colonial Pipeline Company transports refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, home heating oil and fuels for the U.S. military. Colonial's Pipeline consists of more than 5,500 miles of underground pipe and above ground storage tanks and pump stations.

Project startup and commissioning is scheduled for late July.

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