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Monday July 08, 2019

As the leading global supplier of medium-voltage metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for use on electric power systems, we choose our components very carefully to be sure that we are supplying our clients with accessories that measure up to our high standards. With this in mind (unless the client has a preferred vendor) NEPSI has selected Exiscan Infrared Inspection Windows for the following reasons:


NEPSI prides itself on the resilience of its enclosures and builds to the highest standards. We selected Exiscan IR inspection windows because they are the strongest we’ve evaluated:

  1. Frames machined from ½” bar stock aluminum
  2. Covers formed from 12 gauge stainless steel or ½” bar stock aluminum
  3. Mount reinforced with stainless steel plate
  4. Stainless steel hardware and optic guard

Field Of View

The inside of a capacitor bank or harmonic filter bank is complex. There are many targets which would be of interest for thermal monitoring. Traditional IR windows provide a limited field-of-view. Exiscan IR windows are constructed so that field-of-view is maximized, resulting in fewer windows needed to monitor more points in the enclosure.

  1. Works with all brands of cameras
  2. Larger windows mean more visibility
  3. Square or rectangular-format eliminates cropping issues


  1. Polymer optic is stable for decades for accurate temperatures and trending
  2. Windows and optics are resistant to oils, chemicals, UV, humidity, vibration, corrosion
  3. Optic is impact resistant to the same standards we demand of our viewing windows
  4. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee through Exiscan

For additional information, we direct you to Exiscan’s technical details at

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