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NEPSI Continues to Add Helpful Resources for Our Customers

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Wednesday July 2, 2014

Company webpage developer, Matt Marsett announced today that NEPSI has added several new "calculators" on their webpage to expand the resource area of their website. Mr. Marsett said the calculators are provided to assist power engineers with calculations, formulas, and background information that would commonly be encountered by engineers in the application of NEPSI's products, as well as other power system products. New calculators include Altitude Correction, Electromagnetic Forces on Conductors, as well as a calculator to assist with base impedance and per unit calculations commonly used in power system analysis.

NEPSI's calculators are located at the following address:

New calculators can be reached at the following links:

Altitude Correction:

Electromagnetic Forces on Bus Bars:

Per Unit Impedance:

Short-Time Current Rating of Conductors:

Required Conductor Size:

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