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HYBRID armorVARTM - Shunt Inductive & Capacitive Compensation Systems for the Renewables Industry

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Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

NEPSI is pleased to announce its latest product offering, the Hybrid armorVAR™; a new product offering that targets the inductive and capacitive reactive power requirements of the solar and wind industry. The Hybrid armorVAR™ advances NEPSI’s product offering to include not only multi-step shunt capacitive compensation, but also multi-step shunt inductive compensation.

NEPSI’s Hybrid armorVAR™ strives to reduce the costs and simplify the purchase, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of reactive compensation systems required by the renewable’s industry. It provides both the leading and lagging var requirements, as well as all disconnecting, switching, protection, and control, designed, integrated, assembled, and tested into a single reactive power system. When compared with open rack systems, the Hybrid armorVAR™ boasts less risk to the developer, easier installation, up to 66% savings in footprint, and significant reduction in project completion time; all at less cost.

NEPSI is the leading global provider of medium-voltage, metal-enclosed, conventionally switched and DS1M switched, power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks. Founded in 1995, the New York based company has grown to be the world's market leader and most trusted name for the supply of medium-voltage metal-enclosed power factor correction and harmonic filter systems.

Click Here to view NEPSI's product literature for the Hybrid armorVAR™.

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