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Thursday April 7, 2016

Today, NEPSI hosted a group of engineering students from The New Visions Engineering Program of WSWHE BOCES in Hudson Falls, NY. The NVE Program is made up of adacemically-advanced high school students in school districts that may not offer advanced-placement courses in the S-T-E-M fields. By participating in the program, these future engineers are exposed to pertinent concepts via hands-on learning activities, internships, and industry visits. When the program instructor, Daniel Kittell, contacted NEPSI for a potential visit, we were proud to offer our expertise.

The things that you will learn in college are absolutely important— but don't underestimate the intangibles. There is no replacement for hard work, determination, and persistence once you become a working professional.

– Frank Steciuk, Sales and Marketing Manager

To build upon their understanding of engineering principles, the visiting students were given a "crash course" in power distribution systems. Our professional engineering staff gave a tour of the facility, described our products and services, and discussed common hurdles that are faced in the industry. Armed with a better understanding of our business, the students engaged in a very useful Q&A session with NEPSI's administrative staff.

Program Instructor, Daniel Kittell, said of the visit, "Thanks again to you and the staff for the opportunity to visit. Our pre-engineering students enjoyed it and they got a lot of great advice and knowledge!"

The pleasure is all ours!

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