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New Product Offering | actiVAR

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Tuesday Apr. 1, 2014

NEPSI is excited to announce actiVAR, its newest medium-voltage product offering, which mitigates voltage sags, voltage flicker, and high inrush currents associated with starting and impact loading of large motors and dynamic loads. The actiVAR is most suitable for loads requiring near instantaneous reactive power support, such as large pumps, dragline shovels, ball mill, and sag mill motors. actiVAR stabilizes your system voltage, helps your equipment run more smoothly, and increases your systems production efficiency and throughput.

Highlights of this great new product offering is provided below and can also be viewed in detail on our actiVAR webpage. Feel free to call or email with any questions that you may have.


  1. Meets utility mandates for voltage sag and voltage flicker mitigation
  2. Provides Var support for large motor starts and dynamic motor loading
  3. Significantly more cost effective than VFDs when speed control is not required
  4. One actiVAR at the power delivery point can serve an entire facility


  1. Near instantaneous reactive power compensation (Single-Cycle Operation)
  2. Reduction of voltage drop and flicker
  3. Transient and harmonic free operation
  4. Easy to install, move, and maintain

Product Overview

The actiVAR is available in voltages from 2.4kV through 24.9kV, with MVAR ratings from 0.5 MVAR to 100 MVAR. It's simple, metal-enclosed design allows for placement in outdoor or indoor substations and comes fully assembled, tested, and ready for interconnection. It consists of one or more stages of actiVAR that switch on a cycle by cycle basis.

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