The Most Trusted Name in Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering

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Highland Valley Copper is an open pit mine
operation and process plant. The process plant
uses autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding
and flotation to produce metal in concentrate from ore.


Highland Valley Copper Mine, owned by Teck Resources
The largest open pit copper mine in Canada
Electrical Load: DC Rectifiers, VFD’s, Cycloconverters, Induction or Synchronous Motors, Large Electric Shovels


Primary Purpose: Power factor correction, prevention of harmonic resonance, harmonic filtering, IEEE 519 compliance
Equipment Type: Multi-Tuned harmonic filter bank
Ratings: 13.8 kV, 60 Hertz, 95 kV BIL, 19.7 MVAR (effective), 3-Phase, 4-Stage, 4-Step, 3.8th Tuned


South Central British Columbia, Canada
Max. Temperature: 28.3°C (82.9°F)
Min. Temperature: -37.2°C (-34.9°F)
Annual Precipitation: 217.9 mm (8.57 in)
Extreme Snow Depth: 81 cm (31.8 in)


SEL735, SEL751 Relay Protection System and Control System with Arc Flash Detection
The SEL Relay logic controls and protects equipment and communicates with mine’s DCS system.

Main Incoming Disconnect Switch / Ground Switch and Fixed Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker
This allows for direct connection to mine’s main overhead bus bar. The filter bank did not require a feeder breaker in main switchgear.

Compartmentalized Enclosure Design
Design consisting of 12 isolated compartments, including: control, incoming isolation / ground switch, PT, main incoming fixed breaker, main bus, stage isolation / ground switch (1 per stage, 4 total), and 4 stage compartments.

Stage Isolation / Ground Switches for Each Filter Stage
Allows for safe maintenance of one stage while the others remain in operation.

Multi-Tuned Harmonic Filter Reactors
Allows for the quick and simple conversion from a 4 stage, 3.8th tuned notch harmonic filter system to a multi-tuned 4 stage, 3.8th / 5th / 7th / 7th notch tuned harmonic filter system.

Harmonic Overload Protection
On each notch tuned filter stage.

Thermal Overload and Blown Fuse Detection
On capacitor fuse as well as split-wye protection on each stage.

Reinforced Base Channel
For mounting on to pylons. Equipment also features an enclosure floor and externally mounted lights for substation illumination.

Commissioned in August, 2014

Catwalk with removable handrails was installed around the perimeter to allow for easy access to the equipment

Heavy dust buildup at the site required Pylon mounting. This simplified cable entry, avoiding the need to excavate the existing ground grid

Cables were free-air rated and run on an exposed cable tray under the gear

Struthers Tehcnical Solutions, Ltd

Engineering involvement included identifying the need for power factor correction and harmonic filtering

Cost / Benefit analysis for the equipment

Equipment spec, document prep, bid review, arc flash analysis, relay programming, and on-site commissioning


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